The Capes Demo is a Flash file that takes you through an example of play, showing you each rule step by step and explaining the feel of the game and the strategy behind it along the way.

If you're wondering what Capes is like, in play, this will give you a small sample of the comic book goodness to be found within.

Capes Lite is a preview version of Capes, giving you the resources to play a session of alien arrival and first contact, disastrous or benign as you choose.  

Not as robust or as pretty as the full system, the preview should nonetheless be enough to give you a good sense of whether Capes is a game that you and your group will enjoy. It's free to download, and free to share with your gaming group.

For your printing (and scissoring) pleasure we present the entire catalog of Click and Lock modules included in the main book. Also available are Blank modules for designing your own from scratch (even an Adobe Illustrator version of the blanks, in case you want to work in my favorite program).

NEW! Replacing the provisional Flash Clicks is the much stronger Flash Character Generator. Load this up and you can choose any module from the book with the click of a mouse, alter it to make your own, and use them to print sheets or create characters. Then they print, just like in the book, right off your printer.

So new it doesn't even have an icon yet (or working tab-order) is the Inspiration Tracker. This will let you get your Inspirations in one central place, rather than a snow-drift of index cards. Still under development. Not guaranteed to work. Not guaranteed not to work.
The game is still improving, as eagle-eyed readers point out errors, and intrepid players puzzle over rules that could (and yes, should) be clearer.

Take advantage of the labors of these intrepid explorers by grabbing and digesting the Mind-Boggling Errata!