What is it? Why is it?
Games on Demand is an area with tables, material and a constant supply of GMs prepared to run a variety of independent and cutting edge games just as soon as you can present them with a group of players who are interested in playing them.

It is, in short, your source for the game you want, when you want it.

Slots fill up, or their scheduling is impossible for you, or you just plain didn't know about cool games like 3:16, Hot War, or Misspent Youth before you got to GenCon and heard people buzzing about them. These things happen, but it would be a shame if you couldn't count on some spontaneous fun at GenCon.

Games on Demand lets us all be spontaneous. Want a game of Polaris?  Play a game of Polaris! Have an unexpected dead spot in your schedule? Satisfy your craving for immediate gratification by popping around and seeing what people are trying to gather players for.

Where is it? Who is it?
Games on Demand is located in the spacious Grand Central Ballroom "B" in the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Gaming tables 1-6 will be open, and GMs available, from 10a.m. to 6p.m. friday and saturday.

Games on Demand is run by enthusiastic volunteers, so you're always guaranteed high energy and a rollicking good time.

In particular this year, GoD is working closely with the Play Collective, a group of independent designers. So the creators of many of the games being run and played will be right there, running and playing them!

Games on Demand is coordinated by Scott Acker, who can answer any further questions.